registration paperwork

TOHS Track & Field Required Registration Forms

Thank you to all of you who came to the Parent Meetings and provided all of your paperwork and payments. 


For anyone who did not come to the meetings, you can find all of the required forms listed below that need to be completed for your student athlete to be on the Lancer Track & Field Team.  Your athlete can also pick up a packet from Coach Wilcox.  These forms are all due now. 

  • Track & Field Syllabus -   Please complete and turn in the back information page only.
  • Track & Field Parent Info Packet - this packet contains and explains all of the district paperwork and provides all of the links you need to make the Transportation donation and get Physicals completed.   ALL pages must be signed off - this is district required paperwork and we know there is a lot of redundant signing, but these are all just acknowledgments that you have read the information.  Form A or B - sign off on only one of these forms please. Form B is if you are ordering and keeping your uniform (Write N/A if your athlete does not need a uniform).   Form A is for financial aid only.


  • Track & Field Registration Form - this form is REQUIRED for your student to be on the team, whether this is their first year or fourth year.   This form also contains uniform order and donation info.  Please do not send cash payments.  If you would like to pay by credit card, please make a note on the bottom of the form and you will get a call to process your card over the phone.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our Booster President, Bonnie Marshall at



Athletes are expected to ride the team bus to and from all athletic events. Transportation fees for athletics can be paid online through the Student Online Store here: Student Store or by check at the Student Store on campus.  The transportation fee decreases when the same athlete plays more than one sport or activity within the school year.  Siblings cannot be combined for the discount.

1st sport/activity of the school year — $124.00

2nd sport/activity of the school year — $ 71.00

3rd sport/activity of the school year — $ 55.00